Save The Historic Troy Union Church

The Restoration Update June 2016

Work continues on the Troy Union Church Restoration.

As of June 2016, we have raised, from grants $15,000, and $60,000 (30,000 +30,000).

The $15,000 Belvedere Historic Preservation Fund grant was used in August 2014 to remove the two ceilings, to give access to the trusses. Maine Steeples Project Restoration Grant, is given in two checks, $30,000 last June and $30,000 after PHASE 2 is complete by end of June 2016

We also raised $38,000, from fund raising, and the 2015 Capital Campaign for PHASE 1.

At the Ward Hill road yard, our Troy Union Church Carpenters, along with PTF carpenters, made huge eastern white pine timbers into two new trusses, and also tower components. PHASE 1 was completed in March-April 2015. The trusses were stored in the Garcelon House Barn, on Ward Hill Road in Troy until funds were raised for PHASE 2.

Work began March 24, 2016, when the staging was set around the tower, and the trusses and tower components were removed from storage and moved to the church yard. Then the tower was stripped down to the two front posts, and the roof and bell were removed with the crane. Soon the main roof will be partially opened, to the second bay, and the crane will lift the new timber frame truss and install it in the church. The old rotten truss will have been “chunked out” and the recreated version will be set up beside the new truss. Finally the tower will be rebuilt and the bell and roof (with copper) will be put back. PHASE 2 is expected to cost from $96,620 to $101,720. We will receive the second check for $30,000 after PHASE 2 is completed and funds are accounted for.

We plan to raise the money needed to continue on this year with PHASE 3, which is the last of the structural work that needs doing. The remaining trusses will be lifted and strengthened. The ridge line will be straightened. The cost is about $42,000.

WABI Video May 12, 2016

WABI Video March 3, 2015

Tax deductible donations can be sent to: Treasurer, Troy Union Church., 230 Bangor Rd, Troy, ME 04987 or donate on our GoFundMe page.